Friday, February 18, 2011

Surrounded by beautiful things

Caramel colored cashmere back of the pillow below. Click to enlarge to see the beautiful fabric.

This cusion is made of three pieces of cashmere plus a 100 year old scrap of a scarf. Please note the center piece is the button side of a cardigan. No two buttons are alike. Click to enlarge to see the detail.

This is the back of the pillow below. We can it Neopolitan as it reminds us of ice cream. All buttons used are vintage and beautiful. Click to enlarge to see the beautiful buttons and great workmanship.

The center seam of this cusion is sewn with the seam showing. The fringe is from a blanket and the button is really two buttons, one inside the other and both are very old. Click to enlarge and look at the button.

Living in the beautiful French countryside enables me to find things unavailable anywhere else. The things I will feature are either made by people living here now or things that have been made by the regional people from years past. The work is impeccable and so unbelievably beautiful each piece being made by hand and one of a kind. Each stitch is perfect and it is hard to imagine anyone taking the time to do this kind of work.

I would love to show you, my friends, what I am seeing and get your opinions to see if you agree with me.

I spent today with a woman who makes pillows out of cashmere remnants, putting together beautiful colors and pieces of cashmere she finds in old English and Irish woolen mills. She scrounges around and finds trims or scraps that could be more than 100 years old and puts them on the cushion in amazingly interesting ways. I am having her make a collection of cushions for me, using my talent for putting colors together and her talent for finding unusual pieces to combine in making a great piece.

I am tempting you with just two pillows which I photographed today. If you click on them to enlarge them, you will see how fine the workmanship is and just how beautiful the fabrics are.
I just added three more pillows. The backs are as beautiful as the fronts using cashmere and antique buttons.

Much more to come.

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