Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mail Boxes

I love mail boxes.  Is it because I live in two countries and spend so much time mailing things back and forth, mostly to myself?

This beautiful mail box was photographed in the South of France by my friend, Shell, who is vacationing there.

These are mostly French mail boxes except for the last ones which are American.

Remember the days when we used to get letters from family and friends?  It is still very exciting when a lovely hand written note arrives in the mail.  Maybe we should do it more often, the recipient would be thrilled.

Personalized stationery set

VVVera Wang gorgeous notesera Wang gorgeous monogrammed notes

Vera Bradley writing set

Vera Bradley ballpoint pen

Have fun!!! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting ready to take a ski trip

Since I will be going to Deer Valley for Thanksgiving and I am in the States now, I am doing a bit of shopping.  Ski clothing is more readily available here than in La Tour Blanche France Ha, Ha!!!!!

I return to France next week and then back to the U.S. the end of November to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

Deer Valley Beach is a wonderful place to hang out waiting for friends and family to ski in and have lunch.  The food is really wonderful at the restaurants on the mountain. Deer Valley turkey chili is simply the best there is.....

Gorgeous gloves

Love this hat

Bogner ski jacket

Uggs in color

Kate Somerville moisturizer

Hip Pack

Chanel lip gloss

Click on the BLUE for details of each of the items.

I hope you create wonderful holiday memories and I hope to do so too!!!!!

A Bientôt


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What a lovely weekend in Paris

When I got the invitation to go to the home of a very dear friend for a "cocktail" party last weekend I immediately said yes.  Little did I know that none of Skye's nou nous were available to take her so I took her with me. She was a little angel and enjoyed every minute with me.

The Hotel Costes was my hotel of choice and as always it was wonderful.  Without a doubt it is "tres chic" and the clientele is all beautiful.  The room was gorgeous, all done in red with magnificent fabric on all the walls. It is an elegant hotel in Paris' 1st arrondissement, Hôtel Costes is just as infamous for its vampy style and complex cocktails as it is for attracting Europe's super chic.

Coupe de champagne with a friend on Friday night in the hotel lobby, breakfast and lunch in the dining room all lived up to expectations.  
I ordered a paillard of chicken for lunch but didn't get to eat much of it as Skye smelled it and looked at me as if to say, "is that for me?", and of course it was.  She finished it and considering that she is a Maltese and only weighs five pounds seemed almost impossible.

Have bed will travel, she loves hotels.  The streets of Paris did not do her tiny feet justice as they were clean when we arrived.

A Bientôt to all.