Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walking around Paris

Camille Pissarro - Rue Saint-Honoré, dans l'après-midi.

This gorgeous painting by Pissarro of the Rue Saint-Honore in the afternoon.

Living in country France, I grab every opportunity to go to Paris.  Sometimes just for the day.  I did that recently, to meet a friend, and couldn't resist a bit of shopping.  Nowhere are there more beautiful shops than the Rue Saint-Honore.  I shop other places too but this one has it all.

You can shop, have a tea at the Hotel Costes or the Mandarin Oriental and consider it a perfect day.

Of course, wear a pair of comfortable shoes.  While these may not be the most beautiful, they are a bit funky and fun.  I have several pair and was talked into them by a sales person in Beverly Hills.  I just couldn't see myself in them and now that's all I want to wear.

Here are a couple of them for you to see.

Bernie Mev .....for comfort

More Bernie Mev

Just click on the links above and you will see lots of different styles.

You will thank me for this just as I thanked the sales person who sold them to me.    I love the wedge but they also come in flats.  Let me know what you think.

I hope you can come to Paris and walk around.  It is the best walking city in the world and there is always something you haven't seen before.

A bientôt



  1. Hi Audrey, these shoes are wonderful !!!
    I must have at least one pair with your great endorsement.
    And, I think they are quite funky and fun.

  2. these shoes look so comfy despite the fact of wedges. I like walking through a city, either it's Paris or
    Rome with flat shoes but have always a more elegant pair in my never know where you go next.

  3. Well, Miss Audrey, I have to agree. I have had blisters and they can ruin a day of walking in the worst way. I was actually reduced to wearing light blue terrycloth flip flops for the rest of a trip, because of blisters. I was embarassed, even though I kept telling myself I'd never see these people again! Comfortable shoes are a priority! Mumbai is right, I carry another more elegant pair with me, so I am never in that situation again.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  4. I have two pairs of these shoes, and they are wonderful! The best part is that every part of the top is made of stretchy material, and they are washable. So even my sparkley white ones look new after two years of wear. My other pair is a different style from the white and in soft multi colours that seems to go with everything. I get so many compliments and questions when I wear these. They are great for travelling as they slip on and off easily too. They are usually a good price. As you can tell, I love these, and highly recommend them.