Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer coming to an end

As the summer quickly goes by I am trying to do and see all I can before I return to the States for about three months.

I look forward to a very busy three months in the U.S. with lots of French Vintage Home Events which I will photograph and tell you all about.  They will include the Crystal Charity Ball,  the Kappa Tablescapes event and at least one pop-up shop in another of Dallas' incredible homes.

This is a view from the bridge in the gorgeous village of Bordeilles, France

The beautiful flowers floating on the river caught my eye and then I saw the little boat, just fabulous

Visitng local galleries is just one of the things I like to do.  I fell in love with this sign

Another Market in Brantome, the epitome of beauty in the Dordogne

photo by Laura McGuire

We have many of these beautiful French antique keys on our web site

Just bought this iconic Pastis 51 set and it will be on our web site shortly

These luxurious French vintage pillow shams are hand sewn and hand embroidered

I am a collector of these old French grain sacks and many are on our web site

                    These wonderful enamel door plaques will also be on our web site shortly.

I am so anxious for you to see what I am buying at the brocantes here in Southwest France,  that I often post things on my blog before they are actually posted on our web site.  However if any of these things interest you, we can definitely quote prices and ship them to you even before they are on our site.

Until next time..........A Bientôt