Sunday, March 31, 2013


The most important feast of the Russian Orthodox church calendar is Easter. It is celebrated with the exchanging of eggs and three kisses. The Faberge eggs began in 1884 with an Easter egg made for the czar that became a gift for his wife, Czarina Maria. The egg reminded the empress of her homeland, and so from then on it was agreed that Faberge would make an Easter egg each year for Maria. Faberge designed Easter eggs for another eleven years until Alexander III died. Then Nicholas II, Alexander's son, continued the tradition. It was agreed that the Easter gift would always have an egg shape and would hold a surprise. These projects became top priority of the company and were planned and worked on far in advance--a year or longer. The surprise was always kept secret.

Although very pricey reproductions of the eggs are available, originals are almost impossible to find.  What a gorgeous gift this would make.

Wishing you all a beautiful day surrounded by those you love.

A Bientôt

photo by  copy from the Russian Orthodox church

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Must See New Movie

The English Teacher, directed by Craig Zisk, is available On Demand and on digital platforms Apr. 16 and will have its theatrical premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 26. It opens in theaters on May 17.

As many of you know Craig is my son and I am so proud and so thrilled for him.  I think you will really enjoy this movie.

Mark your calendar, you will enjoy The English Teacher.

A Bientôt


Monday, March 18, 2013

Dallas beautiful Dallas

It looks like I will be here for awhile longer as I await the birth of twin grandsons.  I won't go back to France until I see them, kiss them and hold them.  I have many grandchildren but no twins so this is  special. I do try to be around for all the births, I wouldn't miss that for anything in the world.
Skye baby, please forgive my long absence, I will be with you all summer.  I miss my puppy.

While I am here, I keep so busy with family, friends and of course our company French Vintage Home.

French Vintage Home is having a pop up shop this weekend in a beautiful Dallas home and there is so much to do.
Staging this gorgeous house at 4300 St. Johns Drive in Highland Park is a huge job but Laura and I want it to be perfect for the wonderful people who come to see the treasures I have brought back from country France.  Laura makes everything look incredibly gorgeous.

We like to feed our guests so a visit to the Dallas Farmers Market is in order.  They have everything.
Crudites are on the menu.

Photo by

In addition to the pop up I am bringing a salad to a fundraiser that a good friend is hosting to help the National Mall in Washington D.C.  I am so happy to be doing this for such a good cause.
This simple salad of cherry tomatoes, mozarella balls and basil tossed in a tangy French vinegarette dressing.  Yum Yum.........

Photo from

It seems that lots of what I do revolves around food but wherever I am living at the time, the simple common denominator is food.

We went to a Paella birthday party yesterday and the food was scrumptuous.  Lots of delicious drinks including both white and red Sangria.  So delicious.

Stopped on the way home for the decadent Sprinkles cupcakes.  Saving them for another day, maybe.

Please click on the blue print for more information.

A Bientôt to all my friends............

French home for sale
property #193825

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beautiful workspaces for creative people

      The incredible Mary McDonald     Photography Melonie Avacedo          
      We all have our favourite places to work.  For some it is the kitchen table, the bed or your home office.  I found these delightful spaces which I think would bring out all your creativity.

    The beautiful workspace of Laura McGuire        Photo by Michael Haskins

                Darling desk accessories

              Italian Script and peacock Desk Accessories

                More Italian script desk accessories

                 For a wonderful snack to munch on while you are working. I hope you will share.

                 Popcorn machine

                 Enjoy your work, why not?

       A bientôt

       French house for sale

                  Click above link. When you get to the site, to the   right of the French flag go to property ID and put in the number   193825.  Merci.....

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Destination weddings

Chateau Le Mas de Montet 

The trend is for couples to pick a destination wedding and very often it is outdoors.  This beautiful chateau in country france is the venue for a relative's wedding. This will make my third outdoor wedding this year.

Many couples choose a wedding at the beach.

Courtesy of Brads Creative Imaging Photography

    Dress by Oscar de la Renta    Photo by one

Whether it is a beach, a castle or a museum, it always includes a walk on something other than a sidewalk. 

We think about what to wear, what to do if it rains but for me it is the shoes, I don't want to wear flats but can't let my heels sink into the grass or sand.  My solution is to wear a wedge, these seem just right.

Another thing I think about, especially if it is summer and the beach, is my hair.  This is the time to get your Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment to remove any frizz.  After you get this treatment, done professionally in your favorite salon, be sure and use a shampoo and conditioner designed for your new smooth hair. This is essential for keeping the new look.

Put this Touché Eclat highlighter in your purse and keep it there for last minute touch ups.  You will love it.
Yves Saint Laurent highlighter

May all the brides and grooms have a life filled with beauty and love and remember this day.   carly statsky photography


A Bientôt

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My life in Contrasts

Sundays are very different for me when I am in France and when I am in the US.

In France I spend Sundays at the Brocantes throughout the Southwest part of the country buying treasures for our company French Vintage Home.  I love doing this and we are having such a wonderful response to our web site that I think my friends like what I am buying.

                                                           Photo credit
A recent brocante purchase.

                                                          Photo by Laura McGuire

I fell in love with this beautiful linen jacquard tablecloth with the initials BG.

Here, in the US, I love to see my family and today is no different.
Some of my LA family is visiting and I spent the morning with them having a gorgeous brunch at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where they are staying.

Farm-to-Table buffet at the Ritz Carlton Dallas.... gorgeous and delicious

How does one refuse these scrumptious cupcakes at the Ritz Carlton?  Tomorrow I will think about calories, not today.

One of the things I do when I am in the States is catch up on movies.  I have little opportunity to do that in country France so I relish doing that when I am here.  So far I have seen Lincoln, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Side Effects, Skyfall and today I am going to see the French film Amour with the wonderful actress Emanuelle Riva.  I heard her performance was extraordinary and she should have won an Oscar.

Afterwards I am going to the beautiful Northpark Mall to shop the cosmetic counter. I have to replenish my moisturiser.  If you haven't tried the wonderful Kate Somerville products, I highly recommend them.  I love serum as it makes my face feel soft and smooth.

Kate Somerville Quench Face Serum

I also like this one very much.

KateCeuticals Restor8 Serum

I hope Sunday is a great day for you too.

A Bientôt