Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wedding Season

Fifteen years ago, I asked Sylvia Weinstock (the cake baker to the stars) to create a wedding cake for one of my children's weddings.

No one does a cake like Sylvia.

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The cakes are delicious and Sylvia's service is incredible.  Because the wedding was held at our home in Deer Valley, Sylvia's husband hand delivered the cake all the way from New York City to the Salt Lake City airport.  It sat next to him on the plane.

We were out to dinner when the cake arrived and I had someone pick it up for me.  The young man called the restaurant in a panic and said he was afraid the flowers would die if they weren't put in the refrigerator overnight and no matter how hard he tried,  he couldn't get the cake to fit . He was so surprised and relieved when I told him the flowers weren't real that they were made of fondant and sugar. You could fool anyone, Sylvia's fabulous flowers do look real.

Hi Sylvia!!!!!

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I am happy to see that Sylvia Weinstock is still baking wedding cakes, you will never be disappointed.

Two exciting weddings coming up in my life, my goddaughter is getting married in June in France and my granddaughter is getting married in July in Chicago. I will be delightfully busy.

More about that later.

Happy Mothers Day in America this Sunday. Often it starts with weddings.

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A Bientôt