Friday, March 30, 2012

Katie's Bridal Shower

Basket of lavender scented items for each guest

The guests loved their French inspired gifts

Beautiful macaroons from Lette Beverly Hills

Yummy salad, all the food was delicious

Shrimp and Gazpacho shooters

Guests celebrating with champagne, guava martinis and more

Beautiful girls my daughter-in-law Katrina and my 90 year old Aunt Ann

Katie opening my gift

Katie, her friend and my granddaughter Amanda

The mothers- in- law, my daughter Debbie and Katie's mom Karen

It's hard to believe but yes it's true, my grandson David is getting married. He is marrying the lovely Katie O'Brien and we gave her a bridal shower in Los Angeles to celebrate the ocassion.

I flew in from Paris two days before so it was "hit the road running". Without the very capable hands of my daughter Debbie and daughter-in-law Katrina (at who's house the event took place) it would not have happened.

On the invitation I asked for each person to bring a gift appropriate for a particular time of day. Everyone complied so she got tea sets for 4 o'clock, breakfast things for 8AM etc. and my gift was for midnight so I gave Katie a lovely lavender silk chemise de noir and peignoir. She loved it.

We all had a wonderful time.