Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The way to stay Creative

photo by yourintrinsicbeauty.blogspot.com

For twenty seven years I owned a table linen company which was a supplier to all the major department stores in the US and abroad.  I am passionate about linens.  To make my company a success I traveled extensively and always tried to learn more about how to bring beauty to my customers.  I went to so many gorgeous gardens, museums, and trade shows for inspiration.

I love to entertain and am always looking for interesting objects to put on my table to surprise my guests. Here I went to the garden, which fortunately was in bloom, and filled odd silver containers with an assortment of flowers.  I was simply inspired by my surroundings. I used antique linens which were for sale on my web site French Vintage Home.

I don't really think you can learn to be creative.  You either are or you aren't but what you can learn is to keep you eyes open and see what is going on around you. Open your eyes and observe your surroundings, don't go too fast so that you don't really see anything. 

After selling the company I started to spend more time at my home in France and learned to appreciate the beauty of linens that had lived a previous life.  That is what made me start my company French Vintage Home.  Though we have many other things, linens are my specialty.

Gardens are a great inspiration for me and help me be creative. Homage to Claude Monet at Giverney by Bill Filson.

This is what makes me stay creative.......

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A Bientôt  


  1. I love the thought of all those linens. Inspiring in and of themselves.

  2. linen are a weakness of mine + yours are stunning. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. There is inspiration all around us to keep our creative juices flowing isn't there Audrey ? We can find it everywhere we look.
    I actually think that everyone is creative in their own way …. even if they don't think they are, I bet in some area of their life, there is a spark of beauty and creativity ! XXXX

  4. Wonderful post and gorgeous table!! I loooove beautiful linens and flowers:) I agree some are more innately creative then others but think its a skill one can "improve upon' even if they are not blessed with it naturally....fun post!

  5. I agree with Jacqueline…I also think we are all creative, but not everybody is creative in an artistic way…others are creative in science, or law, or economics, or teaching, or business…and on top of that, I firmly believe we have to be creative in how we respond to relationships, (both personal and professional). It's a really interesting topic this month, and I am delighting in reading how we have each interpreted it so very differently.

    You are obviously creative in many different fields, of both the artistic and the business variety - a wonderful but rare combination.

  6. Audrey, doing beautiful tables is an art form to me. So I appreciate exactly what you're saying here. Through the years I've collected beautiful linens from far and wide, they are all perfectly and lovingly laundered, ironed and stored flat, and always ready for me when I need them. Yes, they bring me much joy, as they do for you. Adding flowers from your own garden is another plus as arranging them just makes the table so personal and perfectly charming for your guests. Thank you for joining us, my friend. Have a wonderful week !!