Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Morning Walk

As an ex-pat American living part of the year in country France, I am continually being asked what I do every day.  The reality is very much what I do anywhere but I thought it might be a good idea to chronicle one day and today is the day.

Very close to where I live there is an old Moulin Vent (wind mill) that still works.  It grinds the farmers wheat into flour and it produces the most wonderful baking flour.  I walked there this morning and took a few pictures. It was a beautiful blue sky day.

In the summer, it is wonderful to come here for a picnic lunch.

After the walk I drove into the village for my regular coffee and breakfast.  Today I had a Tartine, instead of my usual croissant,  just look at how much they serve you.



Tummy full, I drove to the beautiful village of Lusignac to take more pictures of the gorgeous rolling hills and 15th century buildings.

I proceeded on to a neighboring village and photographed the very  beautiful manoir of a friend.

This is the Chateau I bought in 1998 and totally renovated.  I sold it as I wanted to downsize, not sure I made the right decision as now I feel my new home is too small.

A beautiful old door in La Tour Blanche

After lunch I went to the atelier of a young man, Gaeton Bordier,  who does wonders with iron.  He is fixing a piece I bought for French Vintage Home and I hope to have it tomorrow.
The pictures are the outside of the cave where he has set up shop.  An amazing place.

Gaeton was a student of the very well known iron artist André Dubreuil. See André Dubreuil's work at this gallery in Paris.

So that is how I spent my day today.  More to come...........

I did not wear the right shoes, I think these boots would have been a better idea.

Those that know me see me in these from Tory Burch instead. Aren't they gorgeous ?

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.....

A Bientôt

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beach Vacation

Many of you, like me, are looking forward to a few days away after the hectic holidays and before the New Year starts.

I am dreaming of a tropical vacation and a favorite one to go to, for me, is in the Caribbean.  I love Anguilla and the simply gorgeous Hotel Cap Juluca.

While sitting on Cap Juluca’s pristine white sand beach, basking in the Caribbean sun and looking out over the peaceful waves of Maundays Bay, one is enveloped in a sense of serenity. Tension seems to drift away with the tide and concern is carried away on a light breeze. 

This tranquility is now as it was for thousands of years on the island of Anguilla when inhabited by a peaceful and gentle tribe of Amerindians called the Arawaks. The Arawaks have their origins in South America. Adventurously moving from island to island, the Arawak culture was established throughout the Caribbean. Evidence on the island tells us that the Arawaks had made a home on Anguilla as far back as 1500 BC.

My French friends love to go to St. Barts.  It is also a fabulous place to go when you want a warm break in a cold winter.

Saint-Barthélemy is a French island located in the Caribbean. Saint-Barthélemy was first claimed by the French in 1648, and except for a century as a Swedish colony, between 1785 and 1878, it has remained in French hands. Located approximately 150 miles east of Puerto Rico.

The days are casual around the beach or in the water but you can dress up a bit at night and feel really glamorous. St. Barts has a very active and fabulous night life.

St. John caftan

J. Crew sandals

Lulu Guiness fun beach reading

Darling Beach Hat

Wherever you are, wherever you go have a wonderful time.

Bon Voyage

A Bientôt......

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Rainy Day in the Life

Today was a good day to go to Périgueux, about 30 minutes from my home, as they were having a festival honoring foie gras and truffles.  What's not to like about those delicacies?
So, off I went in my Wellies, rain coat and hat to see what was happening.

Arriving in Perigueux the first thing to attract your attention is the amazing St Front Cathedral which dominates the town centre. The original church was built in about 1120 and changed in the 19th century by Paul Abadie who used it as a model for the design of the Sacre Coeur church in Montmarte.

Its layout is in the shape of the Greek cross, similar to St Mark’s in Venice, and above the centre and each arm a lovely domed roof (cupola) has been added. Apparently architects and locals do not like the changes and prefer the more traditional Romanesque church of St Etienne de la Cité, which used to be the cathedral of Perigueux. For my part I think it is a beautiful building though it is very austere inside.

The cathedral was classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998 as an important stage on the St James of Compostella Pilgrimage.

If you haven't heard of, or taken, the Compostella Pilgrimage walk I highly recommend it.

The rain was really coming down heavily but didn't deter the people.
The gorgeous cobblestone walking streets of this ancient village were full of people and their umbrellas.

Beautiful rainy day

Anything pink and with roses immediately attracts my attention.  A shop window down one of the cobblestone streets

The Saturday market is always bustling and today was no exception

Time to stop for a coffee and perhaps a lovely homemade pastry.

This lovely little chocolate character was one of a window full of cute little chocolate animals

A delicious Fromagerie that has every French cheese you can imagine

Don't these radishes look gorgeous?  It is typical to eat the radishes with butter and salt in France

The window of a fine chocolate shop

Some of the local people dancing in costume

To make sure you don't go out without your rain gear, I am suggesting a few things here.

Fabulous hummingbird rain boots from Target
Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket

Chanel Aqualumiere Sheer Lipstick

Monet's garden folding umbrella
Rain, rain go away......

A Bientôt et Merci Beaucoup