Friday, December 7, 2012

Party Time Shades of Red

I love the color Red.  It's the color of all things happy, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Our New Year, cinnamon candy hearts, twizzlers and so much more.....

This gorgeous winter bird, the Cardinal in red.

Thinking about the New Year, which is fast approaching, here are a few of my favorite things.

George Clooney at his best in a fabulous tuxedo, perfect for welcoming in the New Year.

 I love a red bow tie.  This one can be found at Neiman

Christian Louboutin shoes available at Neiman
Beautiful shoes to wear to accompany your man's black tuxedo.  Wow!

If you are ever planning to wear your stilettos on the grass or snow, you should try Starlettos.  The little flower shaped cover to put on your heel to protect it.  You can get them online.  At a recent wedding I went to on the beach, many of the girls had these on.  For sure they didn't wear sandals, they wore their stilettos and covered the heel.

And here is the dress for you to wear, available at Neiman

Light the fire, bring out the champagne and caviar, enjoy.....

I prefer these champagne glasses to the flutes which we normally use.

To go with the champagne, here is the delicious caviar.

Red after ski boots by Uggs

Going skiing for the holidays?  How about these gorgeous aprés ski boots which would put anyone in the holiday mood? I am hurrying off to buy these too, I couldn't resist.  I am just wondering how my little village in France will react when I wear these Christmas Day.  
Elizabeth Arden Toilette Spray

Enjoy every minute of every day and have a beautiful life.

A Bientôt

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