Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Morning Walk

As an ex-pat American living part of the year in country France, I am continually being asked what I do every day.  The reality is very much what I do anywhere but I thought it might be a good idea to chronicle one day and today is the day.

Very close to where I live there is an old Moulin Vent (wind mill) that still works.  It grinds the farmers wheat into flour and it produces the most wonderful baking flour.  I walked there this morning and took a few pictures. It was a beautiful blue sky day.

In the summer, it is wonderful to come here for a picnic lunch.

After the walk I drove into the village for my regular coffee and breakfast.  Today I had a Tartine, instead of my usual croissant,  just look at how much they serve you.



Tummy full, I drove to the beautiful village of Lusignac to take more pictures of the gorgeous rolling hills and 15th century buildings.

I proceeded on to a neighboring village and photographed the very  beautiful manoir of a friend.

This is the Chateau I bought in 1998 and totally renovated.  I sold it as I wanted to downsize, not sure I made the right decision as now I feel my new home is too small.

A beautiful old door in La Tour Blanche

After lunch I went to the atelier of a young man, Gaeton Bordier,  who does wonders with iron.  He is fixing a piece I bought for French Vintage Home and I hope to have it tomorrow.
The pictures are the outside of the cave where he has set up shop.  An amazing place.

Gaeton was a student of the very well known iron artist André Dubreuil. See André Dubreuil's work at this gallery in Paris.

So that is how I spent my day today.  More to come...........

I did not wear the right shoes, I think these boots would have been a better idea.

Those that know me see me in these from Tory Burch instead. Aren't they gorgeous ?

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.....

A Bientôt

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