Sunday, April 15, 2018

Re-discovering old favorites

In the 1980's I was a big fan of Norma Kamali and shopped her store on 56th Street in Manhattan regularly.  I have re-discovered this incredible designer and want to share some of her best new looks.

I always have an eye out for something great to travel in and then wear when I get to my destination.  I think these pants and this top fit the bill.  What do you think?

Once you get to your destination and have a lovely evening planned........

If you've always wanted something "Camo" and couldn't find the right thing, here it is

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  I hope you like my choices.

Merci Beaucoup



  1. Absolutely LUV Kamali's new design for the Camo Jacket ! !

  2. OH I love the pink feather jacket and was ready to order it till I seen the price! Way out of my price range for clothing.
    I love beautiful clothes

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