Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life in Contrasts

My life is unique.  The life I live in Dallas could not be more different than the life I live in France

Dallas is about family, friends, eating out, driving with the top down and shopping.

Azaleas are in bloom in Dallas right now.

France is about taking it easy, eating at friends houses and for me, the flea markets.

There are so many flea markets to go to so I thought I would mention the ones I like so very much.  In Paris, I go to several but the one I always find what I am looking for is the Marche Aux Puces de La Porte de Vanves.  I love antique silver and this is just one of the stands that has it.

Most Americans are directed to the  Clignancourt flea market | It is large and I find it expensive.  I avoid it as I find too many dealers willing to pay their high prices.  It is fun though so if you are not looking to buy lots of things, do go there.  You will see everything.

If you are in Provence, go to my favorite one there.  It is in Avignon and called Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon Flea Market.

If you are in Bordeaux, I would recommend Quincones but it is only open at specific times, not every week.

In the Dordogne, on any given Sunday, there is a flea market somewhere.  Check out this web site and it will give you the names of what is happening while you are there.

Enjoy every day, I try to do it and it seems to be working.

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You will see all the treasures I shop for when in France.  Merci Beaucoup!!!!

Sending love to all.Audrey

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