Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beautiful workspaces for creative people

      The incredible Mary McDonald     Photography Melonie Avacedo          
      We all have our favourite places to work.  For some it is the kitchen table, the bed or your home office.  I found these delightful spaces which I think would bring out all your creativity.

    The beautiful workspace of Laura McGuire        Photo by Michael Haskins

                Darling desk accessories

              Italian Script and peacock Desk Accessories

                More Italian script desk accessories

                 For a wonderful snack to munch on while you are working. I hope you will share.

                 Popcorn machine

                 Enjoy your work, why not?

       A bientôt

       French house for sale

                  Click above link. When you get to the site, to the   right of the French flag go to property ID and put in the number   193825.  Merci.....

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