Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tel Aviv

Everyone recognizes this, don't they?

A windy day at the beach

They play music on the beach and everyone dances

Friends enjoying the sunshine

The brave go kite surfing

Good new friends

Peggy, my new best friend

Where we met every morning

The very best hummus ever

Start the day with this gorgeous drink

I would like to post a few pictures of the lovely people I met in Tel Aviv.
Having met Peggy in London at a wedding she was my first contact in Tel Aviv. Due to her kindness and generosity, she introduced me to many of her friends.

Our days started out at a beach cafe called La La Land for breakfast of yummy granola and beautiful cappuccinos. Later there was shopping, sight seeing and of course more eating.

Peggy hosted a lovely dinner in my honor and I was truly touched.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this beautiful city by the sea.


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  1. Hi, Audrey! I hope you remember me. I purchased one of your beautiful cutting boards :)

    I LOVE Tel Aviv!!!! Well really, politics aside, I LOVE Israel - it's such a beautiful country!