Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Eating

Chef/Owner Jordan Kahn of Red Medicine in Beverly Hills, California

Beautiful dish at Red Medicine

Another gorgeous dish at Red Medicine

This was the chicken dumpling dish with 9 places, 4 dumplings, mint, hoison sauce with dot of hot pepper, fried onion, green onion, pickled cucumber.

This is the lacquered, carmelized pintade decorated with tiny herbs and flowers.

The last two nights in LA, we had some extraordinary meals. First we went to AKASHA in the newly "chic" Culver City area. The food was so good especially the dessert which was a take off of smores. Great chocolate pudding with a homemade square marshmallow on top of it and homemade graham cracker shards stuck in on the sides. Yummy!!!!

Tonight we went to RED MEDICINE, a Vietnamese restaurant unlike any I have ever eaten at before. Lots of little plates, each one amazing. Brussel sprouts with carmelized shallots, basil and shrimp crisps on top, then chicken dumplings, next mushroom green beans, also crab rolls, and last but not least lacquered pintade carmelized, with cinnamon and crispy onion roots served with cut rice. All unusual and all delicious. The dessert was a combination of coconut creme, peanut butter crisps, chicory grains and coffee creme. Unbelievably delicious.

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