Friday, April 15, 2011

A trypical LA day

Aunt Ann, age 90, and her boyfriend Dan, age 101 at Barney Greenglass for lunch
Great Hummus and Tsiziki

Family lunch

When I am in Los Angeles, I find myself doing many of the things I don't do anywhere else.
Today the day started with a 6:30AM water exercise class that I was taken to by my daughter-in-law. I loved it. It was an hour of playing in the pool thinking that this was much too much fun to be real exercise until you get out and feel your sore muscles. It is a real workout and a good one.

Afterwards I went to the DRYBAR which is a hair salon that only washes and blow dries your hair. No color, no cuts. It was packed with other women like me who hate to do their own hair.

Following that I went to lunch at the IVY, undoubtedly the most beautiful restaurant in Los Angeles with a real California look. The incredible flowers, the gorgeous cushions placed all over and the great accessories, make this a vision to behold. I enjoyed catching up with an old friend over a delicious lunch of roasted vegetable salad with shrimp.

The day would not be complete without having dinner with family at another great restaurant.

LA to me is all about the bad traffic and the good restaurants. I love every minute of my trip here.

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