Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Once again, for the tenth straight year, I am making the pilgrimage to Chablis to join up with friends to celebrate Saint- Vincent Tournante du Chablisien 2013.  One of my friends has vineyards in Chablis and he invites his close friends to come and enjoy.  We always go to his vineyards and then afterwards to the Dampts to buy some of his gorgeous Chablis.  It is the best white wine ever. In between are lunches, dinners, banquets and wine, wine, wine.


SAINT VINCENT'S PHILOSOPHY- Taken from their publicity which says it better than I do.

Saint Vincent, patron saint of winemakers, represents solidarity.  For example, if a colleague becomes victim of an accident or an illness, he or she will receive help from other winemakers.

It is to honor Saint Vincent and to share moments of conviviality between all of us,that the Brotherhood of the Knights of Tastevin created this Festival in 1938.

Since then, the festival runs in all the villages of our wine region for the rotating St.Vincent of Burgundy Celebrations , and, in parallel, in each area of the appellation.

It is in this spirit that the Brotherhood of local Chablis Pillars launched the first celebrations in 1966. Thus, year after year, each of the 19 villages of Chablis takes over to organize this festival which brings together tens of thousands of
participants from around the world!

I will write more after the weekend with details of all the events.

The six hour drive from my home in Southwest France is well worth the time I spend there.

A Bientôt mes amis

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