Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paris brocantes
I love these old photos.  The brocantes have been going on for such a long time and never seem to run out of things to buy and
things to sell.
Most Sundays I go to the Brocantes in Southwest France where I have a home.  This Sunday was different. 
Since I was on my way back to the States, I spent the weekend in Paris. I went to the brocante at La Porte de Vanves. It was fabulous, 350 exhibitors many with beautiful and unique items.  I have already put several of them on the French Vintage Home web sites so please check them out to see what is new. I hope you like what you see. and

Now I am in beautiful Dallas, sunny and hot with no hint of Autumn in the air. It's good to be home to see family and friends.

Until next time.

A Bientôt


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