Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion 2014

The first Tuesday of every month some of us bloggers get together, pick a topic and write about it.  This month it is the best and the worst of the runway fashions.  I chose Spring 2014.

In my opinion no one does prints better than ETRO.  It was very hard to pick just one dress out of the many gorgeous prints.  

Here is a little history of the Etro family.

 Paisley might originate in India, but the modern fashion world associates it with the Italian textile firm Etro. Founded in 1968 by Gerolamo “Gimmo”. 

Etro remains a family concern, with all four of Gimmo Etro’s children involved. Jacopo, the eldest, oversees the textiles, home, and accessories divisions; Kean handles menswear; Ippolito, the business end of things; and Veronica, the youngest, designs womenswear.

Kean once described the house’s approach to design as “poetic, not aggressive" and those words could well be applied to his sister’s ready-to-wear collection. No matter what Veronica’s touchstone is in a given season—maybe science fiction, or Dada, or Russia, or sixteenth-century armor—the end result is always bohemian, usually executed in a blithe mix of prints and patterns.

The dress with the yellow skirt......I would probably close the neckline a bit but this dress can be worn to one of the ladies lunches at the Dallas Country Club..... it would be perfect.

The flowing turquoise dress..... is perfect for dinner aboard a Monte Carlo yacht cruising the Mediterranean.

As for my least favorite, there were many but I chose this one by Stella McCartney  as I cannot imagine it looking good on anyone.

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 Happy Shopping

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  1. Beautiful Audrey... and thank you for the shout out... so much appreciated... xv

  2. As you can imagine, I adore Etro so much. When we are in Italy I always buy shirts for my son who is addicted to the way they do collars and cuffs. Me, I just addicted to everything! Lovely post, Audrey. Forgive me for being away for too long. Lotsa da work here.