Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Cocktails and Parties

Here we are, the first Tuesday in December and Christmas entertaining is on our mind.

At the fabulous Mansion Hotel in Dallas they prepare a drink called a cham- cham, it is champagne with a small amount of Chambord raspberry liquor in it.  So delicious and festive.

Is this really a cocktail, yum yum.  Delicious chocolate martini.

                         the selling diva photo

A very old fashioned "Snowball" cocktail, served by my parents every year.

1 handful ice cubes
2 shots advocaat
½ shots lime cordial
½ shots sherry
lemonade, to top up
1. Fill a tall Tom Collins glass with ice cubes.

2. Pour in the advocaat, lime cordial and sherry then top up with lemonade.

3. Stir thoroughly and serve immediately.

Advocaat or Advocaatenborrel is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy. The rich and creamy drink has a smooth, custard-like flavor and is similar to eggnog.

Now, what would I wear to this cocktail party.  It would depend on whether I was having it at my home or I was going to a friend.  At home, I tend to be more comfortable. This top over a black body suit, perfect. 
I love this top by Donna Karan

Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

Joyeux Noël et bonne année


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  1. Hello darling...I've just seen this post come up on my reader. So so happy you joined us for this brilliant Christmas Party. I've linked your post in with mine (it's at the bottom of my post if you scroll all the way down you will see everyone's icon, just click on them and you will be taken to their post). We had almost everyone participate which makes me so so happy. Thank you so much for taking part and giving us this lovely post. Happy Holidays to you and yours. xx's