Wednesday, August 20, 2014

These shoes were made for walking

Take a walk in the park, or anywhere else, in the most comfortable shoes ever made.  I have never had a response to anything as great as I had when I wrote about Bernie Mev Shoes before.  To those of you who have asked, I am sending the link again.

Bernie Mev Shoes

They come in almost every color you could imagine, I love my black and my silver ones.

Silver Bernie Mev shoes

They also come in flats and these black ones are on sale.

Bernie Mev flats

I could continue posting links and pictures but I think you have the idea. Just click on the blue links and choose your style, color and size.  You will thank me. 

Living in France I walk so much and needed shoes to let me do it comfortably.  I promise you, these are the ones.  They are a bit funky looking but I get tons of compliments on them as they are so unique.

Please let me know how you like them, so far the responses have been 100% love.

Kisses from my sweet doggie Skye..... She loves when I take her for a walk which I do several times a day.

A Bientôt



  1. I bought a pair, Audrey, just because of you. And, I love them!

  2. Bernie Mev flats shoes looks great, I am going the buy these to my girlfriend, the look like comfortable shoes for walking our dog.

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