Monday, April 27, 2015

Quinconces Antique Fair Bordeaux France

The beautiful fountain at the Place Des Quinconces where the fair is held.

I am in Bordeaux at the moment to shop this amazing antique fair.  Hundreds of sellers are here showing their wares.  It is a two day shopping trip to see all that there is to see.  Day one is finished. 

At the moment I am in my room at the beautiful Grand Hotel de Bordeaux.  My room is gorgeous and was so welcoming after a day walking in the dust of yet another brocante. The Grand Hotel was designed by the incredible Jacques Garcia who also did the Hotel Costes in Paris. 

I cannot recommend highly enough this exceptional  hotel.  It makes the drudgery of walking and pulling my wheelie something wonderful to look forward to at the end of the day.

Next time you come to Paris you might think about coming to the magnificent and historic city of Bordeaux. I think it is the most elegant city in France...

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I know how much you all love Christofle silver so I have been lucky in finding several vintage boxed sets, all in fabulous condition.

I haven't listed anything purchased today on either of my web sites but will shortly.

I am here another day and cannot wait until tomorrow to see the treasures I will be able to buy and bring to you.

It is your support that makes this possible and for this, I thank you so very much.  Merci Beaucoup!!!

A Bientôt


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  1. love the photos of the hotel + Christofle.