Sunday, March 27, 2011

Village House

House is on the right with the white shutters.

New bathroom addition, love the glass sink

Shower fittings are from the UK and very modern. Floor and wall trim are stone pebbles.

Though it looks like it could use a good coat of paint, this kitchen set was bought at the very chic St.Paul market in Paris

The garden is under construction right now. It should look great when I return to France in May

Here are pictures of the recently renovated house I bought in La Tour Blanche. I love this village as it is a "living" village with shops, a restaurant, a grocery store, a hairdresser, post office and more while still keeping it's 14th century charm.
The house was built in the 14th century and mine was not the first renovation though I did make an effort to make it look "shabby" as well as "chic".


  1. Bonsoir ~ First thing I have to say "I am so jealous!" This home is amazing. You are so blessed! You give me hope and inspiration that I too may someday split my time between here and France. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life! ~ Chelle

  2. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I truly believe that if you want something badly enough, you will have it. I am happy to know you.

  3. Dear Audrey great to read that you are still blogging and wonderful to see the pictures of the house - it really is a lovely home. I'm writing this on a grey wet Melbourne afternoon - ah to be back in France in spring ... Alas we are off to Papua New Guinea next month, so we will get plenty of warm weather then. With love and best wishes Catherine and Jon