Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to France

I am happily back in France at my home in La Tour Blanche.  It is nice to be back but I miss the sunshine in Dallas and Los Angeles.

I spent Sunday going to several brocantes, lots of fun, lots of stuff......

I love these planters and though they look old they are not.  I would buy them anyway but the cost of shipping them to the States is prohibitive but we love them, don't we?

All girls love dolls, no matter what our age.

After the brocantes, there was a late lunch with friends.  So nice.

More brocantes next week so the newsletter will be full of things I actually bought for you to see.

Couldn't resist these adorable UGGS which feel so good after walking in the rain all day.

That's it for now
A bientôt


  1. I am so happy and it makes me feel good to know there is hope for lady of age to enjoy life in France.(me in my senior years )

    I have never gone by myself, however have been advised it is a dream trip
    So many american ladies are traveling to Paris to shop for their shops
    I can only dream of going (which dreams are good for us )

    I have heard life there is so expensive compared to our life here ?
    but to enjoy life it does cost $$$$

    I am going on and on sorry just talking out loud trying to convince myself to go for it LOL

  2. Hello! French Country Home sent me to your website, where I found your wonderful blog. I am a lover of all things French and live in Dallas, where I am a photographer. I try to get to France once a year (twice if it's a good year!) and never, ever tire of it. I look forward to following along on your blog.

    Best regards.