Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It is hard to believe that 2013 has ended and 2014 has begun.  Where do the days go? 

The first Tuesday of the month bloggers are writing about changes and resolutions and I thought a lot about this and decided I didn't want any changes.  I would like a year just like the last one and I would be very happy.

It started out and ended with travel and being with my family.  Living half the year in France and half the year in Dallas, I have to really plan well to see everyone.  We are an immediate family of 20, children and grandchildren,  and getting together isn't always easy.  We had a gorgeous wedding in Chicago in July and a ski trip to Utah for the holidays so that was two times this year we were all together.  That's a blessing.

Sunrise in Deer Valley Utah from my bedroom window.  

Sitting around the firepit and watching the skiers whiz by.

A few days in Paris is just around the corner as I head back to the States for a couple of months.  I always think of food when I think of Paris, why is that?

huffington post photo

I will be in New York for a few days before I go to Dallas.  I think of food there too.

mykikicake.com photo

I am still trying to think of what I would like to change.  I am not worrying about the few extra pounds I might have added this year, nor am I thinking about the new crinkle around my eyes.  Just make 2014 as happy as 2013 was and I will be happy.

This always makes me blissful.  My lovely Skye.

A bientôt

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  1. Audrey, your Maltese is beautiful. I have one too...Bono is his name because he always thought he was a rock star. What a wonderful life you have, my friend! You are truly blessed. I am so happy we have met and that you are a part of our By Invitation Only group. Sending love....