Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Travels

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This post is about ten things I can't live without when traveling. Today I am going to take a little different twist on this subject as I travel a lot and I cannot choose only ten things.

Because I live between Dallas and France, I make that trip about seven times a year.  In addition I have traveled extensively in the Far East including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.  I have trekked in the mountains of Nepal and spent time in Kathmandu. I have been to almost every country in Europe and have been to Israel.  I have flown over six million miles on American Airlines alone.

Okay, so one would think I am great at packing, traveling light, knowing what to take and what not to take and all the little tricks that make traveling fun.  Not so fast, I tend to take too much luggage, and have never gotten the hang of two bottoms and four tops.  For me every bottom needs a top, shoes and a bag.  What is wrong with me?

Today I am writing from the Admirals Club in New York on my way to Paris.  With me is a very large duffle bag with a tag marked "HEAVY", a dog stroller for my sweet little Maltese Skye, a computer and IPad bag, a purse and a carry on as large as I can fit in the overhead bin and I have to ask the nice young man in the line behind me to put it in the overhead as I cannot get it above my head

Everyone gives me travelling tips on how to go away for two weeks with one carry on bag. I am going to pass these tips along to you,  I don't necessarily follow them.

I can give you ten things but it depends on where I am going.  Since I go between Dallas and France so often I will use that trip as my guide.

Mostly these come from friends as I cannot travel light.

1. Four outfits, all interchangeable.......  Not me.
2. Two pair of shoes, one for day and one for night......  How can they do that?
3. One round hairbrush instead of the two or three I take.
4. One scarf that will go with everything.......  I need one for every outfit.
5. Two bras and two panties..........  I won't even tell you how many I take.
6. One nightie
7. 3 oz jars and bottles of toiletries......  I need my cologne, contact lens solution, two toothbrushes, vitamins, meds etc.
8. One black outfit, pants, top, shoes and bag.  This will take you anywhere
9. Two pieces of jewelry
10. No food......  Please, don't ask what I have with me.  Have you seen the new whipped peanut butter?  I know they don't have that in France so I am arriving fully stocked. Sriracha, sugarless maple syrup, baked lentil chips, Skinny Cow candy bars, gummy bears in Easter coffee mugs for my friends, Avalon Biotin shampoo and conditioner, surely I have forgotten something. 

Anyway, I hope you have lots of fun traveling and do as I say, not as I do to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Bon Voyage


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  1. Audrey, I had NO idea you had posted, and what a wonderful post this is. Remember, we all link up at my blog Monday night or Tuesday morning. I just read the most recent post and I'm going to talk about it tomorrow on Splenderosa's blog. I'll link back to you and hope many of the ladies will stop in to see you.
    This is excellent advice for anyone! I do the same thing with the stuff I always must have with me. It's always already in this wonderful leather duffle of a great size. I can take my big leather handbag, roll it up and put it inside the duffle so it appears I only have the one handbag (albeit large). Also, I'm going to send you my Polyvore Travel Wardrobe to see if you approve. Please forgive me for not checking in with you !!!!!