Monday, May 5, 2014

From France with love

Another day, another market.  That's what we do in country France almost every weekend.

I am frequently asked what I do in La Tour Blanche so I thought I would just mention a couple of the things that fill my days.  

This market was in Aix en Provence a simply beautiful place to be.

There is nothing like the open air food markets where you can get local produce all spring and summer long.

The roses are in bloom in my garden and though I don't really do much gardening, thanks to my gardener I have the most beautiful roses ever.

Nothing is better than inviting friends over for lemonade and little cakes.  

We do a lot of entertaining in rural France.  Going to a friends home and having friends come to your home is how we spend many evenings here.

So we shop, we eat and we travel.  Not too different from what I do when I am in the US.

I have two web sites that keep me busy.  There are some different things on each of them. On  I can put new French items while on Etsy it is only vintage.

Thanks to all of you who follow French Vintage Home, I am thrilled and excited to see the number of you who have signed on to get my blog and newsletter.

Natural washed linen tote

The Flea markets of France

A visit to a flea market can be the highlight of a trip to France: a lively encounter with everyday French culture, an exciting way to spend a few hours, and a chance to pick up a unique souvenir or add to a collection. The Flea Markets of France is the indispensable tool for getting the most out of your visit. 

I hope you come to visit.

A Bientôt



  1. Hi Audrey, Just finding your blog through Splenderosa. Lovely things here! Really enjoyed your posts and especially the travel packing tips! It must be amazing to live in France. Looking forward to reading more!

    x Kim

  2. How lovely, Audrey. What a good life you lead.