Things I Love

A few beauty products that I cannot live without are:

Enjoy               Luxury shampoo and conditioner

Rejuvacote       Nail growth system by Duri

Bobbi Brown  Eye Repair Cream

Priori               Tightening Serum in CoffeeBerry

Priori               Even Tones Moisturer

Nuxe Huile     Multi-function oil for body and hair ( I just saw Gwyneth Paltrow's blog and she mentions this as well.  I'll take orders if you want some.)

Orofluido       Multi-function oil for body and hair

Vegetable Boxes by Amber Waves Farms in Amagansett, New York

Calling cards or business cards   They're fabulous and come in either regular or mini size.  Also, you can get an assortment of 6 different patterns on the back and whatever you want on the front.

French Flea Markets

When I am at my home in country France I spend every weekend going to the Brocantes and Vide Greniers in the Dordogne.  My purchases can be seen on my web site or just click shop at the top of the page.