Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Château I bought and renovated

Front of the Chateau

Opening of gates
Narrow road on side of the Chateau

Original stone staircase was covered with concrete which we removed

Preparing dinner

Lounging in the sitting room
Pretty master bath
Guest bedroom
Hidden room was discovered in the attic and turned into another guest room

View from the living room overlooking the outdoor dining room and guest cottage

Entry with original 15th century door

View of the Chateau and village houses nearby

Valentino dinnerware

Shortly these plates will be full of delicious tastes

Three walled garden
In 1998 I bought a ruin of a fifteenth century Chateau and with the help of a Beaux-Arts architect, turned it into the jewel you see in the pictures above. It is in the Perigord, aka Dordogne, region of beautiful Southwest France, close to the vineyards where the lovely Pomerol and Saint Emilion wines are produced.

The region is known for its black truffles and foie gras. I have gone truffle hunting on the estate of good friends who have many oak trees under which the truffles grow. The farmer arrives with his pig and as soon as the pig finds a truffle, the farmer distracts him with a treat and he picks up the truffle. I have been honored to hold the leather sack in which the truffles are placed for safe keeping. The price of truffles can be as much as 2000 euros per kilo.

My life here is full, having many friends and family coming to visit. No one leaves hungry as many regional meals are prepared including the famous "truffe", canard, foie gras, cantal and brebis cheese and of course clafoutis cerise for dessert.

La vie est belle!!!!!


  1. Wow! You're so blessed to have this fabulous chateau...
    you are living the life I would love to live!.... I noticed you are from Dallas..we live in Austin.

    One day when we get over to that part of the world, i would love to pop in. My husband & I have traveled to Italy and love it there, but I've GOT to see France! Definitely my goal one day.
    My husband and daughter are both wonderful in the kitchen and share your passion of cooking. My daughter attended a Culinary school for awhile..but she's actually an Esthetician now.
    My older kids are now 25, 23 and we also have a 12 yr. old son....I'm hoping I'll get them all to France next year. My youngest has such a passion for history and architecture, and I want him to be exposed to as much travel as possible. I want ALL of them to learn about Europe, etc..
    thanks again for sharing your lifestyle over there...will become my new fave blog!