Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday morning

Just plucked from the sea.
Sausage made in the area.
Sweet delicious bread. Lovely for teatime.
An enormous selection of dried fruit, spices and olives.
A must have "pain au chocolate".
Katie loved this chicken plate so I bought it for them as a remembrance of their trip to the Dordogne.
Flowers, flowers, flowers. The French love their flowers and nary a day goes by when you pass a house in the middle of winter without beautiful flowers in window boxes.
These chickens may or may not be decapitated before cooking. Personally, I prefer them headless.
The Dordogne is known for it's Foie Gras and is eaten regularly by most people here. My friend, Danielle (who was a former chef to President Mitterand) makes Nems with foie gras. The best description of a Nem is a Vietnamese version of an egg roll.

Every week, rain or shine, winter or summer, the market in Riberac is held on Friday mornings.
David has been many times but Katie had not so we were anxious to show her all the beautiful stalls.

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