Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Driving on the Peripherique

Monday morning I woke early to begin the drive from Paris to La Tour Blanche. I went to the Air France terminal and rented a very cute Blue Fiat Panda and began my journey.
The speed limit is 130 kilometers an hour, the trip took about six hours.
I stopped at Flunch for lunch, a quick sandwich and coffee and continued on.
I later stopped for petrol, take note of the price. This was for about 1/2 a tank. We can't complain as gas costs approximately 8.50 USDollars a gallon in France. They charge by the liter so 4 liters is about a gallon, 1,57 euros a liter..... you can do the math and the conversion euros to dollars is about 1.33 today. Yikes!!!!!
A la prochaine

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