Friday, November 2, 2012

New Look

My blog has had a makeover.  It was time for a change and though the look is different, it will still be about my American French life.  

I have the unique opportunity of moving from one life to the next, both to be enjoyed to the fullest.  Each place is different but I am the same wherever I am.  I love the adventure, I love to cook and entertain my friends and I love the beauty of my surroundings wherever I am. 

I write this blog to share my love for beautiful things, my travels, the food, the entertaining, the clothing and my beautiful family.

My life has been an extraordinary journey, it is a life well lived.

I live half the year in the 12th century village of La Tour Blanche, France.  My dream has come true.

Along with my darling dog Skye, I spend lots of time discovering new things in the Southwest French countryside.

I love the color pink....

I love spas....   

There is none that I love more than Caudalie outside of Bordeaux, France.  
Whether it has the best treatments I cannot say, but it is definitely the most beautiful I have ever seen.  It is next to the vineyard Smith Haut Lafitte so most of the treatments involve using the grape.

The morning begins with a bike ride around the vineyard.

The food is magnificent, how about this heirloom tomato salad?

I love shoes....

I couldn't resist these from Neiman Marcus

I love product.....

We have all bought product that sounds good when we buy it but winds up in the drawer because it doesn't do what it promises.  Not so with Kate Sommerville, at least for me.  I am on my second go round with it as I love how my face feels and looks when I use it. I buy it at Neiman Marcus.

I love French Vintage Home....

This is the company that I own with my partner Laura McGuire.  Because I live in France half the year, I have the opportunity to go to the Brocantes during the warm months.  I love to buy the beautiful flea market things including linens, kitchen items, a bit of this and a bit of that and put them on our web site.  We can offer our customers the opportunity to have a lovely little treasure from Southwest France in their home.

Until next time..... A la prochaine

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