Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Walk down Montana Avenue

After meeting my friend for lunch in Los Angeles, we took a walk down Montana Avenue. My first stop was at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic.  The one, the only, the original Shabby Chic.  The iconic name is used by so many people to describe the look but Rachel Ashwell was the first to use it.  Her shop is amazing and I can only say, if you ever have the opportunity to go there you should.

The beautiful stencil above is on the wall of the shop. 
Check out her web site, you will love it. 

Pillow shams from French Vintage Home

 The beautiful early 20th century pillow shams are vintage French and so pretty.

We love grain sacks and have done lots of things with them from upholstering furniture to making cushions.  This grain sack was used to upholster a lovely chair.  It is unique in that the printing is so clear and it is in such good condition though it is over 75 years old. 

Check out our web site for so many French vintage things.

Revive some things from your grandmother's attic and have your own very chic, shabby things.

A Bientôt.... A la prochaine

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