Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Recent Move

  The elegant party room is so inviting.

I have recently moved into a beautiful new high rise apartment building in Dallas.

Once a month there is a brunch for the people who live here and today was the first time I went. It was very,very nice and I met a lot of interesting neighbors.

After having my things in storage for over a year, it's amazing what you find that you forgot all about.

In my case it was books.  As I was filling the bookcases I realized what a gorgeous collection of old books I had on decorating, table settings, textiles, linens and all things beautiful that I had accumulated over the years.  I gathered these books during the years I had my linen company and very soon I will introduce some of them on my blog.

In addition, I found lots of family and travel pictures that were just in boxes with no sense of organization.  I am making it my priority to put these photos into some kind of order so to that end I am planning on buying some beautiful photo storage boxes that will look great in the bookcases next to the old books.
The most beautiful storage boxes I found are from Hayneedle.

Today is a gorgeous, glorious day in Dallas so I am going to take a walk.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Until next time....... A la prochaine........


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