Monday, November 19, 2012

What I love about Dallas

I have found the perfect home in Dallas.  Since I split my time between France and Dallas, I wanted something that is beautiful, safe and easy to leave and to come home to.
The answer was a lovely apartment in a gorgeous high rise apartment building.  The services are amazing and the people who work here are efficient and caring.

There are beautiful views from every room.  This is the view from the terrace off of the living room.  It is a bit cold to go swimming but the jacuzzi is nice and warm and feels great after spending time in the gym.

This is the lovely entertainment area where you can have a party for lots of your friends. There is a barbecue grill, tables and chairs for a great party. All you need to do is bring on the guests and the food, everything else is just waiting for you.

The beautiful bathroom has been turned into a spa.  It is quite large with enough room to keep make-up and products close at hand. It is truly a place to relax in a bubble bath after a long day. Lots of beautiful soaps and scented candles all around.

Lafco Duchess Peony Powder Room Candle

Some products that I love are these by Kate Sommerville. There is a cream or lotion for all parts of your face, neck and eyes. They  work very well for me. They are available at Neiman Marcus.

Lafco Claus Porto Lize Morning Glory soap

This soap is gorgeous to use and the beautiful packaging makes it a creative and wonderful gift.  It is made in Portugal.

There is no question as to why I fell in love with this bubble bath, I am always attracted to beautiful pink bottles.  The scent is fabulous and the bottle will look great in your bathroom near the tub.

A very beautiful table setting from the Horchow Collection


   May you enjoy every day and live it to its fullest.

   A Bientôt

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